Local History

Local History collage with photos of different historical buildings and areas

Local History Files

Our librarians have compiled information about historical people, locations, and businesses from Durand and Owosso, MI.

More Local History Resources

Durand Union Station

Includes the Michigan Railroad History Museum and Archives.

Owosso, Michigan National Historic District

This is a compilation of material gathered in 1976 or 1977 on various buildings in Owosso.  More recent pictures have also been added. The majority of the project focuses on the City of Owosso, south of King Street, north of Gute Street and Corunna Avenue, west of Gould Street, and east of Chipman Street; but there are exceptions. Current information on property within the city limits can be found on the City of Owosso's website. The library is interested in obtaining older interior pictures of these buildings as well as verified historical information.

The history of Shiawassee County

Historic information and photos of industries, transportation, weather, landmarks and more from Shiawassee County.

History of Shiawassee and Clinton counties, Michigan, with illustrations and biographical sketches of their prominent men and pioneers.  

Ellis, Franklin, 1828-1885., De La Vergne, Earl W.  Philadelphia: D.W. Ensign & co., 1880.