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Shiawassee District Library Meeting Room Policy and Terms of Use

Who may use the meeting rooms?  Meeting rooms are available to community organizations and non-profit groups for meetings that are educational, cultural or civic in nature.  The rooms are not available for individual or commercial use.

Reservations for meeting room space are on a first-come, first-served basis. A completed Meeting Room Use Application must be received by the library at least one week prior to the meeting date requested. Reservations will not stand until the completed application is on file and approved by the library.

Reservations may be made no more than 12 months in advance. No group may consider the Library its permanent meeting place or use the Library as its mailing address. The Library has the authority to accept, renew, or reject requests for use of the room under the established policy. To promote the accessibility of the meeting rooms to a wide variety of community groups, the Library may limit the number and frequency of meetings for any particular organization.

The use of the facilities shall be in accordance with the policies and procedures set by the Trustees of the Shiawassee District Library. In allocating the use of meeting rooms, the Trustees of the Library and Library staff shall not discriminate on the basis of the political or religious beliefs of applicant groups, or on any other constitutionally or statutorily-prohibited basis. Permission to use a Library meeting room does not constitute or imply Library endorsement of the aims, policies or activities of any group or organization, or the views expressed in the meeting.

No use of meeting rooms that is likely to disturb Library patrons in their customary use of Library facilities, impede Library staff in the performance of their duties, or endanger the Library buildings or collection will be approved or permitted.

All meetings must be free of charge and open to the public. No admission charge, requests for donation or items for sale are approved by the Library. Meeting rooms shall not be used for entrepreneurial or commercial purposes, for the solicitation of business, for profit or for fundraising other than fundraising that supports the Library, unless specifically permitted by the Library Director. No goods or services shall be promoted, sold or exchanged upon the premises or by sample, pictures, or descriptions. Groups using Library meeting rooms must not use advertising and publicity which imply that their programs are sponsored, co-sponsored, endorsed or approved by the Library, unless written permission to do so has been previously given by the Library Director.  As no kitchen facilities are available, no cooking is allowed.  Non-alcoholic beverages and food requiring no cooking are acceptable.

All organizations or groups shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Shiawassee District Library, its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, suits, actions of any kind, arising and resulting and accruing from any negligent act, omission or error of the organization or group resulting in or relating to personal injuries or property damage arising from the organization/group’s use of the Library meeting room.

Any false, misleading or incomplete statement on the application form shall be grounds to forbid the use of meeting rooms by the applicant group.

Using Library Meeting Rooms:



  • Library programs and activities
  • Library related groups’ programs and activities
  • Local Government programs and activities
  • Non-Profit Groups and Community Organizations


  • The meeting room is available during library hours. Meetings will vacate the library premises 15 minutes prior to library closing time.
  • Reservations must be made by an adult who will be held responsible for any damage incurred to the building or equipment and must be in charge of any children/minors under age 18 attending the meeting.
  • Meetings may not be scheduled more than 12 months in advance.
  • A meeting room form or online request must be turned in and approved for EACH requested use of the room and must be on file before reservations will be confirmed and at least one week prior to each requested meeting room use.
  • Library and Library-sponsored meetings have priority and the Shiawassee District Library reserves the right to preempt any scheduled meeting. The Library will make every effort to give advance notices of such preemption.


Durand Library meeting room is limited to the capacity of 12 persons
Owosso Library meeting room is limited to the capacity of 18 persons

  • Controlled substances, alcohol, and smoking are not permitted.
  • Materials or equipment owned by any individual or group may not be left or stored at the library. The library will not be responsible for any material left in the library.
  • No materials or property shall be moved in or attached that will damage floors, walls, or woodwork.
  • Each group is responsible for setting up the room and returning it to its original arrangement. Clean tables, countertops, sink, and floors as needed. 
  • Food and drink may be allowed but shall not be consumed outside of the meeting room. In Durand, trash must be removed from the premises by the meeting room user.  In Owosso, any trash which includes perishable items must be removed to the dumpster in the parking lot by the room users. Trash bags will be provided.
  • Groups using the room must report spills or maintenance issues along with the number of attendees to the librarian at the service desk.

Staff Assistance:

  • Library Staff will make every effort to set the room up in advance if you specify your needs at the time you book the space.  Library staff are not generally available to assist with set-up on the fly.  Please be sure that you schedule your room use to accommodate set-up and take-down time.
  • Presenters using meeting room equipment are expected to have a basic knowledge of their use. Staff cannot provide in-depth training but will answer basic questions about the limited equipment we provide (typically a TV/DVD player- ask at the branch you are requesting). Library Staff will not give tech support for any devices not belonging to the library. 

Approved 05/26/2021 by Library Board

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